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How to Batch Remove Watermarks from Photos?



“Hi, I have lots of photos that took after the trip and some pet photos need to be removed the watermarks, e.g. date stamp, etc., some friends told me to use Photoshop to remove those date stamps, but I really don’t know how to use Photoshop, can I just have a software that does everything in just one click?”

If you are having the same requirement and looking for a fast and convenient watermark remover software like the above user, you are coming to the right place! Bitwar Watermark Expert is the one you need.

Batch Remove Watermarks from photos in just one click!

Bitwar Watermark Expert is the free watermark remover software that can remove any unwanted objects, such as watermark, logo, text, people, building, emoji, date stamp, from videos and photos in just one click, the image quality and resolution will be kept after editing.

Even if you don’t have PS skills or are not a professional photo editor, you can also use the Bitwar Watermark Expert in any hassles.

Imagine that if we have thousands of photos that need to be removed from the watermarks, or we need to rush to hand over and over the tasks today, how can we remove the watermarks one by one? Don’t worry, it will be your best assistant that helps you batch remove watermarks in just one click!

Steps to Batch Remove Watermarks from Photos

Here we will show you how to batch remove watermarks from photos.

Tips: Batch mode is the Premium feature, you need to purchase the license before processing to the next step, and also please aware that the watermark position should be at the same place on all the photos.

Step 1: Please visit the homepage of Bitwar Watermark Expert to download the copyrighted software https://www.easepaint.com/ and then install it on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Launch the software and then add all the needed photos to the software.

main interface

Step 3: Click on the Custom Erasing button or Rectangle Selection button from the toolbar and then drag and draw over the date stamp or watermark you need to be erased. [Just select the watermark area on the first photo will be fine!]

batch highlight watermark photo

Step 4: Now, click on the Batch Erase button, there’s a window pop up that asks you to set the reference position of all photos. Here we choose Top Left Corner. After¬†that, click on Yes.

batch remove watermark from photo

Step 5: After removing all the watermarks from the photos, you will have a message that notes you to open the output path, followed by clicking that button and locate the edited photos.

Open Path batch photo remove watermark

As you can see, the watermark has been removed! [I didn’t open the path but clicked on the close button to check the edit status].

If you are having lots of photos that took by digital cameras, cell phones, you may have these photos watermarked by the device itself with the date stamp, device info, etc. However, sometimes when you need to share with friends or print them out without these watermarks and you don’t like to remove them one by one. The Bitwar Watermark Expert can be your best watermark remover app that helps you to batch remove watermarks in just one click.

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